Breaking Down How to Tone your Arms in 20 minutes a day

Breaking Down How to Tone your Arms in 20 minutes a day

It isn’t rocket science – you want bigger, more toned arms, yet you are not sure where to start. You want to define the muscles, build up your biceps, and make a change that will improve how you look. But how do you get that chiseled look without hours in the gym hanging out with the guys that throw dumbbells around for fun?

You do not have to live in the gym to build up your arms. In fact, by working out for even 20 minutes a day, you can tone and strengthen your arms more than you ever through possible. Just 20 minutes a day and you could have arms that make you want to wear a t-shirt all year around. All you need is some patience, some dumbbells, and a stop watch. The goal here is not to direct you to specific exercises that you need to do – the goal is to break down the parts of your arm so that you can better understand where to focus, and how to rotate through the muscle groups to give each area enough time to rest between workouts.

Because of the way that the muscles lie in the arms, the bicep – the main muscle at the front to of your upper arm- is one of those muscles that will “bulge” as it develops, giving the look of increased muscle mass. Since that is the goal for most guys, working the bicep can improve the overall look of your arms, and can really give you the start and bulk that you are looking for.

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The triceps – the muscles that lies on the back of your upper arm – may be small, but when developed and cut, truly defines your arms, and gives everyone the clear indication that you work out. This smaller muscle may be a bit more difficult to isolate, and it needs to be a specific focus to make sure that you target it correctly.

When developing your arms, it is just as important to work the lower part of your arm as the bicep and tricep. The forearm is not only important for strength, but when special attention is given to this muscle, you will definitely notice the impact. Large, developed forearms scream power, and it takes focus and discipline that make that happen.

The last, but not least part of your arm that should not be forgetting is the deltoid, or the large muscle that lies at the top and over the shoulder. By building up your deltoid muscles, you increase the mass at the uppermost part of your arm, giving your body that increased size and strength look that you are looking for.

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