Bending of the arms with the dumbbell standing in the slope


Bending of the arms with the dumbbell standing in the slope – the most powerful of all known builders of the peak biceps. It allows to stretch the fascia, to become wider, to fill up with the blood up to the peak.
What to do: Generally, when bodybuilders do bending of the arms with dumbbells standing in the slope, they do not do concentrated lifting in pure form. They simply use their hands topush the weight up, rather than to feel as the biceps are reducing.  Weight of the dumbbells is usually too large during this, resulting  a swing of the dumbbells, and this completely cut out  a work of biceps.
What not to do: Let your hand with the dumbbell hang down freely. Completely unbend your arm at the lowest point of the movement , so that the blood could pass the entire length of the biceps from top to bottom. As soon as you bend your arm, you must  squeeze the biceps in addition to this and in the top of the movement try to get the maximal peak contraction. This is one of those exercises in which you get more use from a negative part of the movement, rather than from a positive, so lower the weight during the resistance. Feel as a dumbbell is pulling your bicep when the hand is lowering.

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