Basic nutrition rules to recover after the workout

Basic nutrition rules to recover after the workout

Even the best athletes would have trouble recovering after their workouts and competitions if they do not eat right. Their bodies spend so much energy trying to achieve the best results possible that getting sufficient amount of food to compensate for all the energy spent is essential for proper performance.

However, not all athletes realize how they need to eat after their workout. This is why we’ll present you the basic rules on recovery nutrition.

30 minutes after the workout

30 minutes after you’ve completed your workout get a snack. Do not postpone for more than an hour after you have finished working out. You should get enough fast carbs at this time, and they should be fast absorbing carbs. Also a small amount of fast absorbing protein with the carbs will help a lot. 30-40 grams of carbs in the form of white rice, bananas, white bread even something sweet should be ok at this point. Also 10-20 grams of whey will stimulate protein synthesis, science says.

60-90 minutes after the workout

Have a substantial lunch in two hours. At this stage, you should get a good amount of carbohydrates and (again) faster absorbing protein. You can opt in for:

  • Chicken and white rice or sweet potatoes
  • Turkey and green peas
  • Fish and potatoes

Shoot for about 30-40 g of protein and 50-80g of carbs.

3-4 hours after the workout

Three to four hours after the sports competition or workout, you should get a proper meal again. You probably know that eating every three or four hours is an optimal choice for athletes and everyone that wants to gain muscle. So, at this point get your regular meal with the same proportions of a “whole plate” we mentioned above (turkey, beef or some oily fish stir fry with rice, sandwiches, and salads go well at this stage).

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Again aim for 30-40 g of protein and 50-80g of carbs.

Moreover, remember that drinking water is essential given how much liquid you are losing when sweating. So, spread drinking out not to overwhelm your body with too much liquid at once.

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