Arnold Schwarzenegger: How to Improve Your Weak Body-Parts

Arnold Schwarzenegger: How to Improve Your Weak Body-Parts

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as perfect physique. All bodybuilders, no matter how successful they ended up to be, had some weakness that needed overcoming. While some of had to struggle with having smaller arms, other lacked size in their backs or in their calves. Luckily, there is no problem that cannot be fixed with determination and focus. With proper training regime you can transform any of your weaknesses into your strength. In this article we present you a few of the most common physical flows with techniques that may help you in overcoming them.


The solution for small biceps is doing seated barbell curls.

One of the disadvantage of barbell curls is that they do not allow handling heavier weights. This is a result of the mechanics of the movement which puts you in disadvantage during the bottom half of the movement, when you take your arms from fully extended to bent at right angle. Since you are forced to use lighter weights in order to complete this half of the movement, they fail to have greater impact in the top half.

The seated barbell curls eliminate this problem by shortening the range of motion, allowing you to work only the top half using heavier weights. The seated barbell curls are generally performed in the same way as the regular curls, with the exception that you are doing them seated on a bench. Place the barbell at your thighs, hold it with your palms facing you and curl.  However, you should not completely eliminate standing barbell curls from your routine, as the full range of motion activates other muscles as well.

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The solution of small calves is doing tri-sets.

Calves can be extremely stubborn when it comes to their development even for people that do not have problems in that area. If you want to add size to this large muscle group you have to increase the intensity, volume and frequency of your workout.

People that have a problem in this area, should train their calves three times a week. The other approach is doing trisets that consist of standing calf raises, seated calf raises, and donkey calf raises. Repeat the circle of exercises three to four times with 15 to 20 reps in each of the sets.


The solution for underdeveloped calves comes in doing front squats.

Nothing beats squats when it comes to lower body development. However, performing the squats in the normal manner takes a great involvement from the glutes.

Front squats help you isolate the quads and make them work harder, by taking out the glutes and hamstrings from the movement.  This physically demanding variation of the squat is performed by holding a bar in front of you, forcing your torso to remain in upright position.


The solution for underdeveloped shoulders is performing heavy lateral raises.

You can emphasize your deltoids by going heavy on the lateral dumbbell raises. At first this may seems to counter logic. After all, the advice you usually hear is that you should go lighter. We challenge you to do the opposite. Increase the weight and reduce the rep range. In other words, if you’re used to lifting 30 pounds in 10 reps, take it up to 40 and reduce the rep range to 6-8 and give it a try, even if you have to cheat on your form on the final reps.

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