A Simple and Effective Muscle Building Schedule

A Simple and Effective Muscle Building Schedule

Having a muscle building schedule will almost guarantee you success in your muscle building journey. I say almost because you have to stick to it. The key is to find a muscle building schedule that you are certain will bestow you results and the best way of knowing that is to have a muscle building schedule that has worked for others.

There are several factors that makes a muscle plan successful; a workout plan, a nutrition plan and an “everything else” plan.

Workout Plan

A workout plan in your bodybuilding schedule is a plan showing you which days you train on and what you train on those specific days. What works for me and what has worked for numerous others is to have a variety in your muscle building schedule, to continue keeping it fun and spicy.

A muscle building schedule workout plan can look like the following:

Monday: Chest and triceps + (cardio)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Back and biceps + (cardio)
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Shoulder and neck + (cardio)
Saturday and Sunday: Rest
The above building muscle schedule workout plan is just an example, but it works. You can choose to do it differently and I would encourage you to do so and make one that feels good for you. You can either make a muscle building schedule workout plan through the help of a muscle building program, which is what I have done, or you can gather information through different sources.

As you can see on the workout plan above I have also included cardio on some days which is optional. I like to have cardio on some days in my muscle building schedule as I like to keep my heart rate up.

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Diet Plan

A diet plan is the other essential tool in your building muscle schedule. Without diet, you will have a hard time building muscle or lose fat if that is what you want. Your diet should consist of 5-6 meals a day and depending on whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, it should have a portion of protein, healthy fat and some carbohydrate to it.

I have experienced that a lot of people skip the diet part in their muscle building plan because they feel it takes too much time. That is true in the beginning, but if you make a habit out of it, having a diet plan in your building muscle schedule will do wonders for you.

What was meant by the “everything else” plan in your building muscle schedule is to have rest days, have good and consistent sleep and a lot of H2O. Don’t underestimate the “everything else” plan, because it will decide whether you will get a normal body or an exceptional body.

If you include the above plans in your muscle building schedule, getting to the body of your dreams will be straightforward and with positive results.

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