5 Kitchen Mistakes You’re Probably Making

5 Kitchen Mistakes You're Probably Making

Microwaves Won’t Give You Cancer

The countertop staple technically leaks radiation—but only in low frequencies comparable to those of radios, televisions, and laptop screens. The Soviet Union banned microwaves briefly in the 1980s owing to unsubstantiated research, but no current study proves that the appliance causes cancer. (Oh, and it doesn’t kill nutrition either. Faster cooking times actually let food retain more nutrients.) .

You Don’t Have to Put Everything in the Fridge
Some fruits and vegetables are better off sitting on your counter or in a drawer. This low-maintenance group includes avocados, tomatoes, and peppers. .

Sometimes, Blending Is Better Than Juicing
Some evidence suggests that some cancer-fighting carotenoids are more easily absorbed from pressed juice. However, breaking down fruits and vegetables in this popular way gets rid of fiber. Throwing them in a blender leaves the essential digestive regulators intact. .
Don’t Wash Raw Chicken
Splattering salmonella water all over the kitchen by washing raw chicken is the opposite of a safe practice. Though you can’t see them, bacteria can fly up to three feet away from the sink. Wet meat also doesn’t brown as easily, meaning less flavor and skin that isn’t crispy. .

Prepping Food Ahead of Time Doesn’t Destroy Nutrition
Thinking of precutting and cooking food for the whole week? Go for it: A study found that storing fresh-cut fruits—such as strawberries and watermelons—in the refrigerator for a few days doesn’t reduce their nutritional content. . .

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