5 Best Exercises For Back Fat

5 Best Exercises For Back Fat

The Push-up
Push-ups are not solely for toning the arms and pecs. They are ideal for toning your upper back as well. The key to it is to make sure you have good form, keeping your head in a straight line up to your heels. This will ensure you get the best out of your push-ups.

The Rowboat
Can’t lift your body weight off the floor just yet? Then rowing is perfect for you! Rowing is very similar to push-ups but is easier since you do it sitting down. Likewise for push-ups, it is important to maintain a proper posture. Do not lean back while rowing as this will strain your back muscles. If a rowboat and a body of water is out of your reach, then you can get a resistance band and place one end against an immovable peg. With the opposite end of the band, pull on it like you would a couple of rows and start rowing!

The Y-Raise
For this exercise, you are going to need an exercise ball. Lie on the ball facing downwards with your legs and feet together and only the tips of your toes touching the floor and your arms and hands hanging loosely on either side of your body. The ball should be on your stomach. Slowly raise your arms forming a Y-shape and hold that position for about ten seconds. Similarly, lower your arms slowly until they reach the floor again and repeat.

The Chin-up
Looking for a little more challenge? Chin ups are a little higher up in the difficulty scale, but they are very effective in getting rid of back fat. You can either hold on to the bars with your palms facing you or facing away from you, depending on which is more comfortable for you. For more stability, you may cross your legs at your ankles or at your knees.

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The Lateral Raise
How about an easier approach? This exercise involves a set of dumbbells. You can start off with lighter ones and change to heavier ones if you want to increase the difficulty level. Start with a feet apart position with your feet as far apart as your shoulders are. Then bend at your knees and waist but careful to keep a good posture for your back. Next, slowly raise your hands holding the dumbbells on both sides keeping your arms as straight as possible and keep the position for 5 seconds.

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