3 Truths Famous ‘Vegan Bodybuilders’ Won’t Reveal on Social Media

3 Truths Famous ‘Vegan Bodybuilders’ Won’t Reveal on Social Media

The world of bodybuilding, nowadays, has turned into a real circus what with all the nonsense spewed on Internet forums by all kinds of ‘experts’ and the self-absorbed and shameless posturing on social media. It’s as if no one is willing to learn the fundamentals of the sport and do hard work. Everyone’s looking for the newest fad diet or training program making all kinds of outrageous claims and promising fast results.

It seems that veganism is the newest type of idiocy that’s infected the bodybuilding community. It’s not that there’s something essentially wrong with veganism, it’s just that there are too many bodybuilders today with incredible physiques who claim to be vegans and say that they sculpted such muscular bodies thanks to pea protein.

The roots and veganism and the reason for its popularity

It was Donald Watson, an English animal rights activist that first coined the term ‘veganism’ in 1944. Seven decades later, it’s thrown around all over bodybuilding magazines and the Internet by bodybuilders that are trying to sell their workout and nutrition plans.

It only takes of few photos or videos of animal cruelty and you’re all set to start posting vegan slogans while telling people to become vegans cause it’s the right thing to do. The other bodybuilders quickly took up on this new trend and the virtue signaling got completely out of hand. Not to mention that the ones who started this trend in the first place did pretty well for themselves by fooling all those naive people.

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Fact: the majority of vegan bodybuilders did not start out as vegans

It’s a fact that the majority of bodybuilders that you see promoting the vegan lifestyle never even started out as vegans. Even though this type of lifestyle has been around for a long time, it has only gained popularity over the last decade. And it happened not because people got better results by adopting it, but by spreading on social media, which as well all know, exploded in this decade. This means that these so-called vegan bodybuilders were already into bodybuilding for a very long time and already built great physiques.

Then they saw the ‘vegan train’ and hopped on it, once they sensed how much money they could make. So, these now-vegan bodybuilders all of a sudden started telling their social media followers how they built their physiques on a vegan diet. Facebook and Instagram feeds got flooded with all kinds of videos and pictures promoting the vegan bodybuilding lifestyle.  The bodybuilders who did not follow this type of lifestyle were getting judged because of their dairy and meat consumption. It all started to get a bit surreal. Even though people who have been in the industry for many years knew that none of these muscular bodybuilders started out as vegans, regular people didn’t.

Steroids are not made from animals

We all know that steroids help build tons of muscle mass, even without exercising. It’s a fact that the majority of these vegan bodybuilders that are shredded to the bone are juicing. There’s absolutely nothing magical in the plant protein they consume that will get you big and strong compared to standard foods that bodybuilders usually eat. Once steroids are taken they drastically change the rules of the muscle building game.

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When assisted with steroids, the body has the ability to optimally use the protein from any food source to repair the muscles, not to mention that protein synthesis in the muscles is also massively increased. So, while on anabolic steroids you will always build muscle regardless of whether you’re eating animal or plant protein. It’s quite extraordinary how most people completely neglect this fact.

Plant protein can build muscle but not as efficiently as animal protein

Now, nobody says that plant protein can’t help you build muscle. It really can. However, it is not a complete source of protein. It’s a well-known fact that your body has the ability to connect different amino acids coming from different plant sources and use them. But would it be easy for you to check each plant protein source, examine their amino acid profile and then make the right combo of ingredients?

On the other hand, protein coming from animal sources has a complete amino acid profile and is very easy to combine. No one’s forcing you to eat meat. Anyone has the right to eat whatever he/she likes. But one should not blindly follow the advice of some people who have good physiques. It’s very likely they’re either trying to sell something or are asking for a social media follower.

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