10 Super-Foods Taht Burn Belly Fat

10 Super-Foods Taht Burn Belly Fat

✔️ OATMEAL – avoid morning snack-attack with fiber rich oatmeal

✔️ BERRIES – a sweet treat that is good for you, berries stuff a lot if filling fiber

✔️ NUTS- go nuts, they slim your tummy by keeping you full.

✔️ LEAN MEAL- want the leanest meat? Avoid fatty cuts. Opt for turkey or choose fish.

✔️ OLIVE OIL- avoids hunger and keeps your cholesterol under control.

✔️EGGS- builds muscles, burns fat. Eat them for breakfast and lose weight.

✔️ PEANUT BUTTER- who would have guessed that a kind-friendly food could be waist friendly too?

✔️ GREEN VEGGIES- have a salad before a meal, their waist whittling will do the trick.

✔️GREEN TEA- it improves your metabolism and burns fat.

✔️ WATER- drink lots of water especially now in summer!

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